Congratulations Adrian

30 April 2018

A First World War Centenary

24th April 2018

Cycle Race Passing through Belper

Saturday 10th June

Sylvan Exhibition extended


Woollen Woods Workshop - Belper Arts Trail


Museum's Opening Weekend 2017


Museum Closed During December and January


North Mill wins awards at the Derbyshire Heritage Awards Night


Calling all Local Artists and Makers

23rd October 2016

Discovery Day Events at Strutt’s North Mill

23rd October 2016

Summer Craft Competition - Wind the Bobbins Up

1st August 2016

Pyramus and Thisbe: A Participatory Performance

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th July

500 small figures hidden at Mill

Launch Event - Saturday 14th May 6-8pm

Belper Arts Trail: Community Crafts at t' Mill

1st May

Saying goodbye

January 11th 2016

White Peak Writers visit the Mill

January 6th 2016

Christmas and New Year opening

December 28th

Food Festival success

7th December 2015

Christmas is coming

November 16th

Work at the Mill

November 5th 2015

Sweet Memories at the Mill

25th October 2015

Successful Museum Resilience Fund bid from Arts Council England

14 October

EMMS Stronger Museums programme


Volunteers' Association Trip

September 15th 2015

Heritage Open Days


Back to School


Local BBC TV and radio news raises concerns over condition of the North and East Mill


The Duke of Devonshire visits Belper North Mill

July 22 2015

Meet the Mill's new fundraising and volunteer support officer

July 7th 2015

University of Derby internships

26th June 2015

20th Anniversary Exhibition

June 2015

White Peak Writers visit the Mill

by manager

January 6th 2016

White Peak Writers visit the Mill

White Peak Writers' Group visited the Mill before Christmas, taking inspiration from its history and atmosphere. We will be sharing some of their tales on the North Mill Notes blog, available on our facebook page and here through a link on this website.
Here's a fantastic poem by Pam Gough to whet your appetite.
The mill-girl's song

Tap of the knocker-up's stick on our window
Wakes me from a dreamless night
Me and my sisters, muttering over buttons
Bitter cold our fingers’ spite.

Three sets of teeth, their dry bread munching
Good days: eaten with salty lard
Same teeth chattering in the morning freshness
The splash of cold water in the yard.

With the sound of clogs, clattering on the cobbles,
We join our clumping pace
No one speaking, ‘How do?’ only
Saving breath for daily race.

Factory bell, it’s strident clamour calls us
Leave our clogs outside the door
Water gushing, bare feet slapping
Climb hard stairs to spinning floor.

Always turning, spinning, clacking, sliding,
All noise stems from mill’s great wheel
Gets inside your head, your lungs, your heart.
Machines are all you hear and feel.

Till at last, machines fall silent,
Spill outside for just a spell
All too soon, at bell's new clamour,
We climb again to noise of hell.

Unheard, one girl starts a silent singsong
Reading lips, we all join in
Till machines once more fall silent, till
Slapping down the stairs again.

Homeward bound our clattering clogs, forward
To fireside, tea and company we look
Laughing, shouting, we girls giggling, knowing
Boys at us will take a look.

Round the fire we cluster, chatting happily
Then our chores these six days number
Till, work done, the stairs now creaking
Welcome silence of longed-for slumber.